Laundry … Then & Now

The notion of laundry hanging out to dry has always been a fascination.   Like many families growing up in the 50s and 60s, we didn’t have clothes dryers, we had clotheslines.    For some, it’s still a natural way to go.   I’m posting two photos today, taken 39 years apart.   The first one was taken in September 1979, in Atlanta, Texas, the northeast Texas town where my father grew up.   Passing through town, the clothes drying in a warm Texas breeze merited a stop.   That was the case  again this week, while driving on a country road outside Granger, Texas.   I looked at the current scene in black-and-white, but the subject matter, this time, was better as I saw it.   A certainty in Texas is that we’ll have plenty of sun, and heat, to dry things the natural way.

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