From Dusk to Dawn … Solar Passages

Some simple things from my prairie roost tonight.    Observing the passage of time.    While most of us rely on clocks, watches or mobile devices to give us the time, our sun has been doing that forever.   All we need to do is pay attention to its wanderings.   Last night, for instance, it was a simple thing to observe its place in the western sky and know it was just after 8:30.   This morning, driving through Jonah, I made a brief stop to observe the sun’s return, a whisper of a breath before 7.   That setting is what’s now the Jonah Community Center, originally the Jonah Community School, built in 1922.   The final image, hopefully, gives you the context.   What might be mistaken for cloud cover is courtesy of dust from the continent of Africa, traveling to our Blackland Prairie.    Watch the passages, friends. 

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