Along Brushy Creek

Brushy Creek is just that … a creek.  Although not a river, it meanders widely through Central Texas.   One area you’ll find it is in East Willamson County, Texas, in the community of Norman’s Crossing.   Recently, a friend there invited me to take a look at the stream that flows through her family land.   There’s a spring  she wanted me to see.  Alas, drought conditions are taking their toll.  The spring was just a trickle as it made its way to the creek’s edge.  Once there, however, we stayed awhile near the creek’s banks.  There’s a tattered and frayed old rope swing.   When not so dry, it’s been a place to cool off.   For now, the water’s shallow.  But that swing?  It got my attention.   And the tree roots snuggling next to the stream?  Yes, they were arresting, too. And that lush vegetation?  Quite nice.  As we approached the creek, I was reminded of things that could harm … poison ivy, poison oak, snakes.  We didn’t encounter any snakes, but they were there, watching us.    Thanks to my friend  for allowing access to her family land.   While I didn’t engage with the stream, it was good. 

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