A Summer’s Prairie Harvest

Each year since returning to Texas, I like to follow a farm family during harvest.   This summer I’ve had the honor of working with Norman’s Crossing farmer Troy Boehm and his family, including his wife, Jeni, and their two teens, Gage, 16, and Garet, 13, while they work literally day and night through 1900 acres of Blackland Prairie corn.  As this is written, they’re out there somewhere right now.  Troy, 45, took the reins from his father, Emzy Boehm.  And Emzy’s father, Raymond Boehm, preceded by Max Boehm, who began many years ago in neighboring Milam County.  A complete column I’ve written  is being published in Wednesday’s Williamson County Sun so I’ll keep this brief.   The opening image was taken just before 9pm last Friday, when a full moon, appropriately called a Blood Moon, helped light the way.  Those teens, by the way, have been navigating those tractors since they were 7-years-old.   Also included are two of Troy’s helpers, Dwaine Cervenka, driving the combine, and Dwaine’s father, Frank, piloting one of the trucks loaded with grain.  Since the family never seemed to be in the same place, I did a formal portrait of them in front of their wonderful grain elevators.  Also included is one of Troy and Jeni watching a prairie sunset.   This Blackland Prairie land is a place my wife and I specifically chose when I “retired” from the Atlanta Journal & Constitution.   I am hopeful, even with progress and growth, this ocean of land remains for many future generations. 

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