The Joy of Graduation

On a very hectic day, I found myself at the HEB Center in Cedar Park, Texas, there to cover the Georgetown High School graduation ceremony for over 450 seniors.   HEB Center, according to its website, has a capacity for 8,000 people.   And it’s air-conditioned, no small thing in hot Texas.   When arriving, however, I was told I could not work on the floor, but rather had to stay in the stands. Families couldn’t bring signs to cheer on their grads.  Apparently, the grads were cautioned to behave as they crossed the stage to receive their diplomas.   So a challenge it was.   Even though hot, it was so much more enriching to photograph high school graduations in high school stadiums.   This venue is a very controlled environment, very dull.    Settling my cameras in the seating area reserved for families of graduates, I saw Daisy, one of the GHS graduates.   Daisy made everything okay.   

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