Not Too Far From Home

There are times when taking those long, wandering drives into the countryside take a back seat.   My sinus and allergy issues can take a toll.  On days like that, I’m glad there’s a place like Taylor’s Bull Branch Park.   As the crow (or grackle) flies, it’s about a half-mile from home.   That’s where I landed earlier this week.   With the creek, the pond, the cypress trees and the birds, it’s got a lot to tempt those visual urges, which come to a head when the light’s good.   While certainly no expert on ducks, a Google search showed me photos of what I appear to have in this post, Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks.   While mighty pretty, the pair I visited sure weren’t whistling!   Here’s a collection of photos taken close to home in our sweet little town.

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