Magnolias …. A Tiny Landscape

The blooms that adorn magnolia trees at this time of the year are a visual treat.   Unlike like some flowering plants that only thrive in specific geographic areas, magnolias seem to do well across the southern United States.   During our years in metro-Atlanta, Georgia, they were easy to find.   In my hometown, Texarkana, Texas, they did well.   And right here in Taylor, in the heart of Central Texas, they look mighty nice, too.   I don’t know about colder climates, but then again, I’ve only lived in warmer places.   Closeups of flowering plants don’t often make the cut for postings, but magnolia blooms, with their wide range of coloration changes as they age, crinkle  and fade into history, are an exception.    These “tiny landscapes” were taken recently at the home of a good Taylor friend and neighbor. Another friend made sure I didn’t fall off the ladder used to reach the flowers!    All the images are from just one tree.   If you have magnolias where you live, enjoy them while you can.   Soon, at least here, the summer heat will make them a thing of the past, at least for this year. 

2 thoughts on “Magnolias …. A Tiny Landscape

  1. Rita

    Magnolias are truly captivating ! God created a showpiece whe He created flowers , especially the Magnolia !


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