Holding Onto To Our Culture

Last night, as I have done for the years since coming home to Texas, I’ve had the honor of documenting the annual Williamson County Sheriff’s Posse Rodeo, its 75th.  In 2010, the first year I was there, friends told me the arena’s days were numbered.   It’s been a leased property for a long time.  The city of Georgetown, with expansive growth, determined that this beautiful old structure didn’t quite fit for future residents.   The culture of an area, when it’s doing no harm, is something to embrace.   During those many (almost 30) years in Georgia, I missed my Texas things, rodeo included.  Sure, they had rodeo in Georgia, but not like here.   Sorry, Georgia friends, but it’s true.   If you don’t know me, you need to know that I am by no means a cowboy.  In my almost 66 years, I’ve only been on a horse maybe twice.  Pointy-toed cowboy boots are uncomfortable.  I look silly in a cowboy hat.   The thing is, I love the culture of rodeo, particularly in a setting like the  one in Georgetown, Texas.   The city, however, is ready to demolish the arena, replacing it with a festival area, a green space.    Are city fathers hoping, by this move, to attract more upscale residents?   I don’t know.  But know this.  Even though I don’t live in Georgetown, that arena is something to cherish.   It probably won’t help, but a petition is making the rounds.  I may put my John Henry on it.  The opening photo is one taken last night after everything was done.  That’s 86-year-old Herman (no last names here), a member of the Williamson County Sheriff’s Posse.   He stayed around for quite a while.  “My dad was a cowboy in west Texas,” he said.   Some things deserve to remain.

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