First Light on the Prairie

Those of you who follow what I do know my feelings about Daylight Saving Time.  While it’s good for those among you who need that light for outdoor activities, I get that.   What that means for me, however, is that the sweet light I love comes later.  Thankfully, we’re beyond the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year.   The good news is this:  there are  wonderful tonalities in the pre-dawn hour, too. On this Saturday, with 14 hours 4 minutes of daylight, I crawled out of bed about 5:40 this morning.  Sunrise would not come until 6:32.  Get a move-on, Andy!   There’s usually no set plan when I do this, pretty much like a lot of those evening ramblings.  Just get in the car and go out on the prairie.  This selection of photos, beginning about 18-20 minutes before sun-up, contain images of both the moon and the coming sun.  The moon’s in a Waning Gibbous phase, 94.6% visible.  Not too shabby.   Because our prairies are adorned with corn, that’s represented pretty well.   Crops, folks, and livestock, will always be a part of things where we live, but there’s one of a favorite old truss bridge passing over the San Gabriel River.  That photo was about 11-15 minutes before dawn.  The horse photo was  20 minutes after sunrise.   By the time I saw that beauty, it was time to mosey on home to Taylor.   My drive was 32 miles, taking just over an hour.   I’m dragging now, but getting up early provides  some pleasant visual rewards. 

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