Concerts on the Square … Let the Fun Begin!

If calendars are your guide, you’ll say summer hasn’t started, but here in Texas, we know better, don’t we?  On Friday night, the Georgetown summer concert series started its warm-weather run  on the town square.  The season’s first artist was Jeremy McBee.  The sweet lady that follows a photo of Jeremy is his 91-year-old grandma, there to lend her support.   That’s neat.  The little fellow you see enjoyed some fine ice cream from All Things Kids.  The concerts, all free, kid (and pet)-friendly, are sponsored by the Georgetown Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Williamson Museum.  Each Friday night this summer, everyone’s welcome to bring their lawn chairs and blankets, or their trucks (if they get a spot early enough), and just sit back and enjoy.  They begin every Friday evening  at 6:30 on the lawn of the historic Williamson County Courthouse, here since 1911.  If you’re hearing good music, it’s a good bet you’ll not be so concerned with our summer heat.  Hey, there’s plenty of trees on the lawn.  That smiling pooch in the last photo?  Why that’s Clark W. Griswold! These photos were taken for my friends at the Williamson County Sun.

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