A Scene Into the Woods

Looking for prairie scenes recently, I made a turn down a heavily-wooded road in East Williamson County.   About two minutes in, deciding there wasn’t much to see along this route, I turned around and headed back the way I came.  Then, gazing over my left shoulder, into a thick swath of dark woods, there was an obviously long-abandoned farmhouse, descending a bit at a time back into the earth from which it once rose, strong and proud.    Once I realized this was indeed a road seldom traversed, I got out, continuing to take photos for a few short minutes.  No other vehicles came along.   Back in the car, having gone no more than 20 yards, another look to the left revealed an equally-decrepit barn, also engulfed, but standing its ground.  I found the scene at once eerie and enthralling.    There are times when a wrong turn leads us where we need to be. 

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