A Skating Lesson With Dad … From the Archives

A few months after arriving at the Atlanta Journal & Constitution, I found myself and my cameras at Atlanta’s Piedmont Park in search of features in February 1981.   After a short while, I happened on a father giving his little boy a skating lesson.   Today, in addition to those knee pads, they’d have on helmets, too, but remember this was 37 years ago, friends.  Different times.    These kind of slice-of-life things were likely what got me hired in Atlanta, but even then it was a struggle to get the assignment editors to just let me go wander.   The culture at the time was such that photographers would sit around the office, awaiting their assignments.   Thankfully, they finally saw the value of just cutting me loose!   These bits of everyday life are what makes photojournalism important in my world, not the big events.  Hopefully, they mean something to you, the reader.

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