A Cemetery in mid-March …. and Now

While wandering around looking for photos in March, I saw bluebonnets on a hill in Circleville, but didn’t realize they were in a very old cemetery.  Thankfully, the grass wasn’t too high so I wandered around there a few minutes.   Last night, I stopped by there again.  The bluebonnets are gone, but the cemetery is now covered with yellow wildflowers, different but still as beautiful.   The tough part, however, was getting the nerve to go anywhere near there.   The weeds have made their presence known.  With the weeds, and high grass, you’re also apt to get reptilian creatures I’d rather not encounter.   So I didn’t wander too far last night.  Call me a coward, but while I loathe rattlesnakes, I respect their territory.   Still, I managed to get a good scene.   For reference, I’m posting a March photo, too.   And a closer version of last night’s venture. 


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