The Other Spring Flower In Georgetown, Texas

I’m into things floral for a while.   This evening, how about some mighty fine red poppies?   These are, of course, from Georgetown, Texas, a Central Texas city of 67,000 known for these beautiful red flowers.   They’re not wildflowers, but that’s okay.   Spring where we live means new life in many forms.   The young lady in the opening photo, now 2, was just learning about poppies during a visit to Edwards Park with her mommy and daddy.  She was enthralled.   And a lady was snapping poppy photos in the sunken garden at San Gabriel Park with her iPhone.   I noticed she was  coming in pretty close.  She indicated that her phone allows her to zoom in pretty close on those buds.   It’s got me considering some type of upgrade of my own phone for those daily walks.   Mine won’t allow close focus.   The rest of the photos are variations of poppies at Edwards Park.   These were taken for my Williamson County Sun friends.

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