Grain Elevators …. And Light Lessons

Last evening, while en route to check something else out in Taylor,  the light falling on the grain elevators at Williamson County Grain got my attention.     Although I took some photos of these about two years back, the birds flying around them got my attention.   For a few minutes, I observed.   Then along came a young man, 16, riding his bike.   He stopped, introduced himself, and commenced to discuss photography.   Normally, I wouldn’t pay much mind, but then he pulled a little Nikon out from under his jacket.   He’s been taking a photo class at Taylor High School,  but he’s also interested in computers.   We talked about light, with yours truly mentioning the splendid advantage of light near, or after, sunset.  Since it was getting late, I asked if he didn’t need to be heading home.  “I’m supposed to be home by 8,” he replied.  This was about 7:45.   We talked a while longer, with suggestions that he point his own camera at the grain elevators.    Hopefully, he understood about my notion of watching the light.    Closer to his home deadline, I hopped in my car and moseyed home myself.  That other photo idea could wait.    After almost 30 years of living in metro-Atlanta, it’s hard not to worry about kids out close to dark, but then I remember that this is Taylor, Texas, a town of a little over 16,000.   Still, it pays to be cautious.  The young man was thoughtful, and curious.   Good things.  I hope the mini-lesson helped a bit.

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