From the Archives … The Masters, 1982

The first round of the Masters Golf Tournament is underway today in Augusta, Georgia.  During my years at the Atlanta Journal & Constitution I covered it a few times.   As a kid growing up in Texas, I played golf at the local public course, a few years before learning to drive so daddy would drop me off for a few rounds.  It was great fun, no electric cart use, just slinging the bag over my shoulder and walking the 18-hole course.   While in Shreveport, I covered a few tournaments for the Shreveport Journal.  In Atlanta, it was nice to cover the Atlanta Classic and the PGA Tournament.   The Masters, however, was not my cup of tea.  Oh, I know what you’re thinking.  This is one of the world’s greatest tournaments.  The course, Augusta National, is impeccable.   The Masters is tough to cover.   Photographers are not allowed to work an arm’s length inside the ropes on the greens.   What that means is we depend on the kindness of strangers, those huge galleries, to let us in, mostly on very short notice, with lots of gear.  This is a hard ticket to get.  Many wait years to obtain that privilege.   While most attendees were agreeable to our media disturbance, I couldn’t blame them if they weren’t.    At any rate, these are photos from the 1982 Masters.   The second photo down is Craig Stadler, the eventual winner.   The final photo is a Texas fellow, Byron Nelson.  Maybe you can figure out the others?

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