Another Week With the Phone Camera

Maybe it’s not correct to call these photos taken with my cell phone an “experiment” anymore.  One thing is certain, however.  I like having the ability to record a few things during those daily long walks.   These are this week’s snapshots, all in Taylor this time.   For a while, I’ve seen what I call “free-range chickens” wandering through my neighborhood, but haven’t been able to get any kind of image with the dang phone.   Today, however, I happened on the chicken you see posted here.   That bird wasn’t so sure about me, but determined to pluck a snack from this street. Hopefully, these chickens won’t be mowed down anytime soon.   Another photo is of Dane, a photographer I met while walking.  Dane, a young fellow, loves his Rollei camera, a twin-lens reflex that shoots 120mm film.   He just moved to Taylor.  There’s also a young egret in a photo, near the rookery.  Maybe they can’t fly so well so soon after birth?  I left her alone after figuring out she couldn’t easily escape my “camera.”   That’s it for this week’s mobile images.

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