A Continuation of Bluebonnets

Mostly, I’m not out specifically looking for bluebonnet photos right now, but when they pop up in interesting places, who am I to turn my head from the Texas state flower?   Okay, so it’s a weed, but it’s a mighty nice weed, isn’t it?   While in the Granger area yesterday, waiting for better light for another subject, the plan was to use Brethren Cemetery as a turnaround spot.   A look to the left, however, lulled me out of the car for a few short minutes.   Cemeteries are fascinating places.   This one’s well-maintained.   You can tell that families care.    That last photo is kind of unsettling.  At least it was to me.   For many years, it was common practice to place a photograph of the departed on the gravestones.   This grave was that of a child, a toddler girl who lived  two years.   Back home, when editing images this morning,  a silent gasp escaped my breath.   The photo on the stone was of the baby post-death.   Some traditions are … words escape me.  

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