Visiting With Some Sweet Dogs

An engaging assignment  I had this weekend  in Taylor was the Heart of Texas American Pit Bull Terrier Club’s show, held Saturday at the Williamson County Expo Center.   The show attracted entrants from around the country. Since we have a rescued Pit Bull terrier, I try, whenever possible, to make sure the breed gets some positive publicity.   Heaven knows, they get plenty of the other kind.   Some of it’s valid, much is not.  Too much painting with a broad brush, perhaps?  I think so.   My favorite part of the show was a 4-year-old young lady exhibiting her dog, Red.  It was the first show for both.  Daddy was there to lend a hand.   Beyond that, it’s just basic coverage.   But at the end of this post, you’ll note Boston terriers, and even a French bulldog puppy named Remy.   There are few dogs I don’t like.  It’s how they’re raised.  I truly believe that.  These photos were taken for my friends at the Williamson County Sun.

6 thoughts on “Visiting With Some Sweet Dogs

  1. Shawna Rollins

    Is it possible for you to email me the photographs of the little girl, Brinlee with her daddy, Marshall? That’s my son and granddaughter and I’d love to have these photos!

    1. 23642459 Post author

      Good evening, Mallory. Your daughter and “Red” made my day! I’ll get some photos to you, please share with Marshall’s mom.


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