The Joy of Good Light

For coming on close to nine years, I’ve taken photos of Immanuel Lutheran Church, known around here as “The Church on the Hill.”    An image I’ve yearned for, however, has been elusive.   My first view of this church was from a distance, driving on U.S. 79 from Hutto to Taylor.   On Friday evening, however, returning from a little task in Hutto, the sun, almost down, reflected some wonderful light on Immanuel’s windows.   Those windows, even without the sun’s help, are quite nice.  Last night, they looked resplendent.    I’m including different, but similar versions here.   The original part of this old church is shown at right.  Other sections have been added, with windows, through the years.   What you see here are with, and without, those extra sections.    If you find yourself driving east, from Hutto to Taylor along Highway 79, and the time of day aligns with the setting sun, look to your right.   I think you’ll like what you see.

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