More Cell Phone Photos From Daily Walks

The experiment continues.  Tonight’s images are once again taken with my pretty inexpensive mobile device, a Motorola cell phone.   They were taken on my daily walks around Taylor, Texas.   While snapping a photo of the house being painted, the young man who lived in the house, sitting on the porch, took a moment to show me his iPhone.  I have to admit, the screen looked pretty good.  For years, I’ve seen things on these long strolls, usually about two  hours long, but didn’t want to tote something large.   While still open to some sort of point and shoot camera, these phones are becoming interesting tools.   Understand that I am not now, or ever, putting the “real” cameras away, but let it be known that yours truly is open to change.   For me, that’s saying a lot.  That last photo is yours truly … a self-portrait.  I don’t use the word “selfie.”  Some things won’t change.

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