Honoring Native Women — From the Archives

Today is International Women’s Day.   With that in mind, I’m posting some photos taken of Native American women in 1986 and 1987 for the Atlanta Journal & Constitution.   The 1986 images were taken in Arizona, on both the Navajo and Hopi reservations.   Reporter Ron Martz and I visited the area for coverage of the long-standing Hopi-Navajo land dispute.   I expect it’s still a tense subject today.   The lady outside her home, with a bicycle at left, is Hopi.  The others are Navajo, various scenes .. a mother dressing her baby, a smiling Navajo girl, a Navajo woman sweeping hay in her barn.   The lady in front of the American flag is Navajo, taken during a protest.   The 1987 images, taken in the Spring, are  from a gathering of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation in Snowbird, North Carolina, including bean-washing in the river, clothes washing, also near the river, and just a portrait I like   They are the last three photos in this post.   Native American women are some of the strongest personalities I’ve met through these many years.

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