As Spring Nears, Growth Embraces the Soil

They’re ever so small right now, but my farmer friend Larry Raesz assures me these little sprouts of corn will command these fields very soon.   This Blackland Prairie soil is some of the richest anywhere on the planet.  Trust me, friends, when that soil is wet, you don’t want to walk around in it.   You’ll get stuck.   Last night when I took this set of photos, I put on my rubber boots.   Thankfully, the soil had soaked up recent rains and they weren’t needed, but it helps to be prepared.   I suppose it must be a sight to see a guy crawling around a field at dusk.  During the session, I looked over my shoulder to see two vehicles stopped,  folks out of their cars, concerned.   “I’m just taking pictures,”  was my response.    They waved and moved on, but it’s nice to see good people checking up on weirdos like yours truly!

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