The Graceful Movement of Birds

I’ll keep the words brief  for this post.   It’s no secret that I love to visit the rookery at Taylor’s Murphy Park.   When spring comes, there’ll be more to see, too.   This week, however, I slowed the shutter speeds way down to accentuate the grace and purity of their movements.   The predominant birds on display right now are cormorants, but one or two egrets are thrown in for good measure, too.   Hopefully, this departure in style is okay with my friends!

2 thoughts on “The Graceful Movement of Birds

  1. Shirley Davis

    Thank you for sharing this piece of history. Unfortunately, our kiddos don,t learn much about history in depth anymore. They are taught the standardized tests all year. I wish our education system would be totally revamped, but, I don,t see that happening. I always loved history in school and still do.


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