An Old Barn … And Old Glory, Too

There’s something about American flags that I find intriguing.   Through the years I’ve pointed my cameras at them many times.   Don’t get me wrong, friends.   I love the Texas state flag quite a bit, too, but the American flag has a universality.   There’s this old barn in Northeast Williamson County that recently got my attention.   It’s an elegant pairing.    For this “exercise” the barn is presented in both color and black-and-white.   Perhaps the color rules the day, but as you know, I like to piddle around sometimes.   Presented here are six images, the first before the day gave up its light, progressing to a time well after dark.  The color versions are first, followed by the same photo in shades of gray.   I do like the night photos, but it’s instructive to look at how the progression of time affects a subject.  

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