A Brisk Day With the Horses

When I arrived at  Georgetown’s  Williamson County Sheriff’s Posse Rodeo Arena Saturday morning for the Brushy Creek Saddle Club FunDay (that’s how it’s written), the fog had just lifted, leaving a morning that began in the mid-upper 50s.   Shortly after my arrival, however, a cold front barreled in.  Literally within a few short minutes, we found ourselves in low-40s territory, feeling colder with those Texas winds.   Horse folks, however, are not deterred.   As the name implies, these are “fun days,” held the second Saturday of every month, open to all who wish to come.  These sessions do seem dominated by young folks, and more women than men, but I did manage to find some fellows participating, too, one a spry 68-year-old from Copperas Cove who goes by “Sarge.”    One of my favorite images, the opening photo, bends my rule about folks peering into the camera.   This little 5-year-old, with her big old horse called Monty, was adorable.   The second photo shows her sitting high in the saddle, with dad there to watch after her.   The youngest cowpoke was her little brother, just 1, but doing just fine on a miniature horse called Wilma.   The rest are a little of this and that.   The last two photos are Goose, a handsome blue-eyed fellow.  I liked Goose.  These photos were taken for my friends at the Williamson County Sun.

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