The Year Begins on the Prairie

Monday evening I posted a little of the full moon at the Circleville, Texas home of Carol Fox, a friend, rancher, teacher and novelist.   Carol has been so very generous to allow my wanderings  on the land that has been in her family for a very long time.   The San Gabriel River makes a path through there.  That’s not the river in the opening photo, just a nice. bit of collected water in a valley.  The trees?  What can I say?  They are. resplendent, particularly the old Bur Oak that dominates much of this post.  If truth be known, it’s the tree I went there to document, the moon a sweet aside.  The Bur Oak photos start where it’s reflected in the truck, continuing to the end.    So here’s a few photos from last evening.  The dog riding in the truck across the land is Sadie, who shares her life with Carol’s brother.   One thing I know, friends.   On a piece of land like this, a truck makes perfect sense.  I was thankful to access to one for this outing.  My Honda would not have fared well!

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