Remembering Tommy

On January 23, 2017, Georgetown cyclist Tommy Ketterhagen died when struck by a motorist on Patriot Way,  not far from his high school alma mater, East View High.   After the tragedy, Tommy’s cycling team,  Austin’s 787 Racing, helped make a ghost bike to honor him a reality.   Saturday morning, that team remembered him with an 80-mile ride, beginning at Mellow Johnny’s in Austin.  About halfway through the ride, the group paused at the ghost bike for a few minutes.  Tommy’s family and friends were there, including his parents, Tom and Luz Ketterhagen, his brothers and sisters, and many family friends.   Perhaps the most moving sight was after the cyclists had moved on, when Tommy’s youngest sister, 2,  spent a few minutes at the ghost bike.  She’s in the last two photos.   A few days after Tommy’s death, a young man came forward, taking responsibility.  He recently pleaded guilty.   A sentence will come in early-March, most likely a 2-year prison term followed by 10 years probation.  Hopefully, his life beyond punishment will move forward.  There are no winners here.   When you’re on the road, friends, be smart, be cautious.  

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