Fly Fishing On the San Gabriel

Among the San Gabriel River places I like to visit from time-to-time is Dickerson’s River Bottom, close to Circleville and not far from feeding into Granger Lake.   It is one of those go-to places for those looking for white bass.  Fly fishermen, like the two friends posted tonight, love its peacefulness and beauty.   Although not a fly fisherman, I love it, too.   The only problem is the difficulty involved in getting to the river.   More than one time, I’ve had falls making my way along the rocky, root-laden trails.   Sometimes, however, at least once or twice a year, it’s worth it.   After all, it’s the San Gabriel River.  What could be nicer?   I see fly fishing, heck, maybe any fishing, to be like photography … a meditation, a therapy.

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