A Slow and Quiet Night in Thorndale, Texas

With little on my plate these days, the wandering, as gas money allows, is becoming more regular.  But that’s just fine, friends.   I love rambling into the countryside, and visiting some of the neat Texas towns close to home.   One of those is Thorndale, Texas, a community of between 1300 and 1400 in Milam County, a stone’s throw from East Williamson County.    It’s about 15 minutes from our Taylor home.   These were taken this evening, all around the quaint downtown area.   Thorndale was founded in 1878.   It’s surrounded by farmland, as is to be expected in the middle of the Blackland Prairie.  The brick on the old buildings has wonderful character.   The vintage Cadillac in the last photo is a nod to Frank Armstrong, one of my professors at UT-Austin many years ago.  Frank has photographed this beat-up old ride a time or two himself.  

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