A Full Moon, Sans Eclipse

This morning, anticipating photos of a lunar eclipse, I rose a bit after 5.  When stepping outside, I was greeted by a thick covering of pre-dawn fog.   Not one to just give up, I drove around for about 15 minutes before calling it a (sleepy) morning.   But you do have full moon photos, both from tonight,  in Noack, Texas, at Christ Lutheran Church, a congregation for 125 years, and from last night, a cormorant above the rookery at Taylor’s Murphy Park, followed by huge mess of grackles zooming past.   Although not technically perfect, I’m thankful for the Noack farmer who allowed me to set up my gear near his grain elevators, which afforded a good view of the church.  What I didn’t know, however, was where the dang moon would rise.   Nature accommodated though, with the blood moon rising nicely.  Again, I wish they were more technically correct, but I’m fine with them.    We’ll see what happens the next time an eclipse rolls around, or I hope we do.

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