A Fine Morning On The River

When I left home Saturday morning for assignments in Georgetown and Walburg, the fog was making its presence known in a big way.   My normal route west was a good bit slower as a result.   Seeing ten yards in front of my hood was a task.    But as I passed over the San Gabriel River, the sight of a fly fisherman squarely in its mist sure got my notice.   With a few minutes to spare before the first assignment, I pulled over and did a little bit of climbing to  address the scene and get that all-important context.   Fog, even when it’s presented in color, like these images, reveals its ability to simplify a photograph, much like black and white.  While I’ve never tried fly-fishing, everyone I’ve ever seen practicing this art seems to be getting a taste of serenity  whether or not they get a nibble.  It’s the being-there part they love.   It’s a calming therapy, or, as I like to claim, a meditation.    A few are offered for your viewing.   

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