2018 Begins

We’ve been pretty cloudy here on the Blackland Prairie the past few days.   Today was no different.   This evening, I visited the Circleville, Texas ranch of good friend Carol Fox, a rancher, novelist and teacher who graciously allows me access  to her family land from time to time.   Tonight’s visit was in hopes of photographing the new year’s first full moon, a Waning Gibbous one, 100% visible.   Visible, that is, if you don’t have clouds.    At any rate, I’m posting just three photos.  The first, where the moon just begins its ascent, is an opportunity to show off Carol’s beautiful old oak tree.    The others are just the moon, covered by clouds. Tuesday if the stars align, I’ll post some more from the ranch, but not necessarily of the moon.   We’re moving on.

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