The Fascination With Fog Continues

While I’ve always loved fog (and mist, its cousin) wherever we have lived, this area of Central Texas, specifically East and North Williamson County, seems to be tailor-made for it.   As the new year approaches, things are slow for my work. That’s really okay since I’ve been battling an awful cold for almost a week.   Sometimes it’s good to taper off.   But I am what I am … obsessed.   Mmm?   Maybe persistent, or focused would be better words?   Anyway, this morning, when I looked outside, there was that sweet mistiness in the air.  Even though I wasn’t in top form, off I went in search of a few things.   All of these are within about 20 minutes of our Taylor home.   The opening photo, I think, may be my favorite.  I’ll let you ponder that though.   The two that follow are of the same metal barn.   I couldn’t decide which I liked best.    One image included not for its foggy mood was the gigantic  metal rooster photographed recently.   This morning, that rooster had three friends.   At first glance, I thought the “friends” were mannequins.  But then they moved … just a little.  They were enamored with this big old chicken.   Most are presented in color, but some are produced as black and white.   This type of subject matter often lends itself to gray tonalities.  Like the last image of those two rode-hard old tractors.  It wasn’t nearly as workable in color.    Anyway, that’s it for tonight, folks!

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