Livestock Shows … Work … Joy … and Drama

This week I’ve been covering the Williamson County Livestock Association’s 72nd Annual Livestock Show at the Wilco Expo Center in Taylor.  Williamson County, Texas is near a big city (Austin), but kids here embrace the country life.   It’s evident during these events.  Highs and lows are the norm each time I attend.  The little lady embracing her goat in the opening photo is someone who has been in front of my camera before.  As much as I try, it’s hard to not document her work. Even though she’s just 8, she works with her animals like a pro.   One little boy with this post couldn’t hold back his emotions during breeding goat competition.   While I can’t say what the problem was, it was great to see such a supportive father there to make things better.   Anyway, my coverage focuses on goats, lambs and a few pigs.   These youngsters live and breathe this stuff.

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