Into the Archives …. East 6th Street, Austin….1973

A few days ago, I posted photos from Austin’s East 6th Street, but the many new connections I have might not know my history with this corridor, a short 3-4 block area running east of Capitol Avenue downtown.   44 years ago, there were people hanging out on the street, many of them blue-collar types catching a city bus to or from work.   And there were many obviously down on their luck, due to mental health and/or substance abuse issues.   But beyond that, many folks just liked to pass their time there.  The view I had a few days back was really quite sad.  The area has gentrified, becoming a go-to haven for music clubs, but there are far more people in pain there now than back in the day.   At least, that’s my impression.    I’m presenting a few images tonight from 1973.    Again, this is to connect new friends with how this little thing began so many years ago.

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