Autumn Color in Taylor

Where we live, autumn color can be subtle, but it’s here.   On recent daily walks, I’ve begun to take notice of Taylor’s Bull Branch Park, almost always a part of my long and winding route through town.    If you’ve followed previous posts you already know how much I admire this park, just a few blocks from our house.   The cypress trees have been morphing from green, to yellow, orange, and what might pass for red, providing a gentle canopy for the stream that flows into the park’s pond, then meanders on, eventually flowing into Murphy Park.   The ducks and geese usually get my attention, but not on these outings.  The first nine photos were taken in late-afternoon and early evening, on a bright sunny day of warm light.  The ninth photo, tripod-mounted, satisfies my night photo urges.   The final seven photos weren’t planned, but on Sunday morning Taylor, and the park, were layered with fog, creating a whole new palette.   It finishes up with a dad and son on the dock, catching bass.   There’s a lot of. photos here, but I was having a lot of fun, even if my editing skills were suffering.   

2 thoughts on “Autumn Color in Taylor

  1. Kathleen foley

    There are a few I didn’t see. Now this is perfect, because the Cyprus tree
    leaves have color, I see what style they are. They look like the ones on my favorite trees, the Japanese maple.
    It’s the 3rd pic from bottom. Anyway, I was surprised that you didn’t have foggy ones. That’s a good place.


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