A Horse Called Gus

Earlier on this Christmas evening, I took a drive to the west to see who might be out and about.   In Jonah, in a pristine field adorned with a nice canopy of clouds and blue sky, was Gus, enjoying his evening.  Beyond that grove of trees, but not visible here, is the San Gabriel River.    I pass by here often and have seen Gus a few times, but didn’t get the right visual feel.   It happens that Gus is an older gentleman, about 25-years-old.   He also has just one useable eye, but he can scope out the right grass on which to munch.   It was  cold, but dry today.  Tuesday and Wednesday, however, that cold may be joined by rain.  When that happens, Gus takes up residence in the barn.   He’s got a good daddy, Gus does. 

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