A Barn, a Shack and a Very Muddy Prairie Field

This is  one of my go-to barns near Taylor.  You’ll see it from time to time.   I am thankful for the kindness the barn’s owner showed in allowing me to come on his property for this series.   These were taken Christmas evening and also include the barn’s close neighbor, a shack once used by farm hands.   Because a tree is overwhelming the shack’s front facade right now, tonight’s version, presented in black and white, was from the side.   Also included are both color and b/w versions of the barn’s resident 1963 Chevy Impala.   I think the b/w does it for me here.   The final two shots?   Those are my feet after a romp in the field, obviously just tilled.  Even with those rubber boots, I was in pretty deep!   The suction came close to glueing me there!  The Blackland Prairie has some of the richest soil on the planet, but it can be a sticky thing.

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