Wurstbraten Time in Walburg, Texas

Thank goodness for the conclusion of Daylight Saving Time.   Otherwise, the evening photos around the smoking pits and fires at this year’s Wurstbraten would’ve been somewhat pedestrian.    Wurstbraten (think sausage in German) is the annual fundraiser at Zion Lutheran Church and School in Walburg, Texas.  Church members spend copious amounts of time each year making the sausage by hand, then smoking it on those wonderful pits loaded with coals made in the burn pit (that tall contraption in the first photo).  About 14000 pounds were smoked for this year’s event.   Patrons could get to-go plates in the drive-through lanes, or if they wanted to visit a little, they’d go inside and dine in the massive gymnasium.   Both grownups and kids volunteered, like the 7-year-old cleaning up after diners finished their meals.   Speaking of diners, the kids, as usual, were the most fun.  I like two red-headed brothers, ages 5 and 2,  making fast work of their plate.   And the young fellow in the final image was having a grand time with the marshmallows melted over his sweet potatoes.    Walburg is a very German community, something you figure out soon enough when attending Wurstbraten.

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