Veterans Day in Sun City, Texas

For the 12th year in row, a Veterans Day observance was held at Sun City’s Georgetown-Williamson County Veterans Memorial Plaza.   After a week of cool, sometime wet weather, the morning was warm and dry, just a little cloudy.  Included here are some of the photos I took for the Williamson County Sun.  One of the more poignant moments happened in what you see in the opening image.  The guest speaker, Brigadier General Kenneth L. Kamper, seeking to point out veterans in attendance, asked for those that could do so to stand and be recognized.   In the back of the plaza, under a tree, was 99-year-old Douglas Smith, a World War II Army Air Corps veteran confined to a wheelchair. Not to be deterred, he moved to stand up.  Coming to his aid were not only his daughter, but two U.S. Army veterans as well.  He stood proud for several seconds before returning to his chair.  The final photo shows family members.  The older gent in the wheelchair, 87, is a veteran of World War II, Korea and Vietnam.   He’s been assisted by his 28-year-old nephew, currently an active duty Army Sergeant based at Fort Hood, Texas.  The younger fellow has had deployments in both Iraq and Afghanistan.    It was a sweet conclusion to the day. 


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