This And That … And a Big Rooster

Consider this a hodgepodge, folks, a bit of this, a little of that.   The rooster?  He’s a big old metal thing, standing guard over a field in East Williamson County, Texas.   It brings to mind my Atlanta days.  In Marietta, where I had an office for many years, there’s a Big Chicken.  Georgia folks know this bird.   Others?  Google this: Big Chicken Marietta.  You’ll see soon enough.   When I spotted this metal bird tonight, I fell down getting to it.  Often, when something comes into view, I stop the car and start snapping.  Thankfully, that’s mostly doable out here on the prairie.   Just up the road a piece from the metal fellow (wait for it) was yes, another windmill, this one surrounded by warm evening skies.   The last one?  Why that’s a bright red cross, glowing in a field between Taylor and Granger, Texas.   It must be the season since I’ve not seen it before last evening.  This and that, friends.  No rhyme or reason.

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