Seeing One Thing, And Then Another

Today I spent a glorious amount of time at Berry Springs Park & Preserve in Georgetown, Texas.   My purpose for being there, however, is not the subject of tonight’s post.   What’s here came after, when I was getting ready to head home to Taylor.  There’s this old barn at the park.  The grackles, at least I think that’s what they are, were flying en masse around the structure, casting shadows, etc.  The movement fascinated me for quite a while.   I’m not sure I ever got what I wanted, but it’s posted here, in both color and black and white.   While watching the barn, however, another image came into view:  a dad manning the grill under the shade of some very nice trees.  As it turns out, his family was celebrating their daughter’s 6th birthday at the park.   That is also presented two ways.   Dad at the grill is more photojournalistic.  The other one?  The one that originally got my attention?   I’m not sure what to call that one.   More later on my reason for being at the park, but not tonight.  Forgive the color vs. b/w thing, folks.  It’s really okay either way.

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