Gathering Pecans at the Park

While I don’t need an excuse to visit Georgetown’s Berry Springs Park & Preserve, pecan-gathering season is good enough.   Once  the wind starts gusting and the temperatures dip, the pecans holding onto their limbs in the park’s old-growth trees begin to fall.   And families come out to take advantage of this tasty manna.    With Thanksgiving, and Christmas, just around the corner, most folks told me pecan pies were on their minds.   I don’t know about where you live, but the grocery stores are selling pecans, but they’re about $12 a pound.   With a little legwork, bending and stretching,  you can do pretty well at this park.   The family I watched on Saturday included a grandpa, grandma and three of their grandchildren, two brothers and their cousin.  Occasionally, grandpa took a rest under the trees and watched.   I love the determination of the young lady as she peels a pecan for a quick treat.  She got it done!   We love our pecans in Texas.   By the way, we pronounce it pi-kahns, not pee-cans.  Just so you’ll know if you ever visit our great state. 

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