Country Christmas in Texas

Tonight, as promised, are a few holiday-related photos taken the past few days.  The theme, other than lights, is Texas Christmas  in the country, or in the case of Holland, Texas,  lights strung on City Hall, located on West Travis Street,  the main thoroughfare through this Bell County town of a bit over 1100 people.    The tree of lights, although not that big, can still be seen a long way off, thanks to plenty of open land.  You might detect a little camera shake in that one, but the mood outweighs the motion issues.   At least for me it does.   As I wandered east toward Thrall earlier tonight, I happened on a nicely-decorated barn, well-placed in front of a farm’s stock pond.   You may well see more holiday posts.   It’s a time when people get really sad, but if they can have a little bit of light in their lives, maybe it’ll help.   

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