A Visit to Westphalia, Texas

About two months back, while on another one of my adventures, a family attending a high school football game in Thrall mentioned that perhaps I’d like to take my camera to Westphalia, Texas.  There I would find a church worth the short drive from Taylor.   The church is The Church of the Visitation, a Roman Catholic church  that certainly lived up to the family’s recommendation.   Westphalia was settled by German immigrants in the 1870s.   Since most were from the Westphalia Province in Germany, they dubbed their Texas home Westphalia, too.    These settlers constructed churches.  Regrettably, storms in the early 1880s decimated them.   By 1895, the church you see in these photos was built.   It’s one of the largest wooden churches in the state.   A Wikipedia listing also says that, until recently, it was the largest wooden structure west of the Mississippi River.   I can’t speak to that, but can say that the church, in Falls County, is wonderful to see and document.  I love the twin bell towers.  The stained glass windows, both inside and out, are fine to see.  And the view as I stepped outside was divine … a glorious Texas sunset rising above St. Mary’s Cemetery, here since 1883.    Many of the church parishioners are buried there.   This was surely a good visit for my camera.

2 thoughts on “A Visit to Westphalia, Texas

  1. Nelda

    These are beautiful shots of a place near and dear to my heart. Both of us baptized there, married there, and buried a son there. The cemetery holds most of my husband’s family. Thanks for posting the wonderful photos of the church and cemetery.


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