A Sweet Light Comes to the Square

Near the conclusion of this rather busy week in Williamson County, Texas I paid a visit to the Georgetown square on Friday evening for their annual Lighting of the Square.   If I’m fortunate enough to continue documenting this fine happening, one thing’s certain …. I will need to get there much earlier.   Even though things didn’t get underway until 5:30, when I got there, just after 4:30, almost all of the nearby parking spots were taken.   It’s a good thing I walk a lot because I sure did last evening!   What’s happening is this:  people from other communities are beginning to realize the beauty of this town square.    Anyway, I’m going on too much.  The opening photo might be my favorite.   This young lady, 3, was reacting just as the lights were switched on.   She was living in the light’s glow.  So were quite a few of us.   Returning to my car after it was all over was nice too.  My friend, the moon, added its own glow to the night.  These photos were taken for my friends at the Williamson County Sun.

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