A Beautiful Autumn Night on the Prairie

It’s hard to describe just how good cool weather makes me feel.   We’re well into the month of November, but temperatures are getting to where they need to be.   It is, of course, south central Texas, but even here, on the Blackland Prairie, it’s nice to feel some sweet autumn breezes.  This post begins in Wuthrich Hill, defined by this wonderful church on a hill along County Road 417, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church.   Try as I might, it’s hard to stop recording its delicate serene beauty.   Tonight, a truck was meandering up the hill.    And the moon?  It’s in its Waxing Crescent phase, only 2.3% visible.  That’s okay, friends.  It’s still there if we look.  The night’s post concludes on a county road, well past sunset, at a pond on the prairie.  Let’s hope this sweet weather continues for a while.  

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