Yep … Back to the Rookery

Yeah, I know this.  I spend far too much time watching things in, around and above the rookery at Murphy Park in Taylor, Texas.    If you happen to follow my posts, either here, or on social media, you know that this is a place I go for therapy.   I like to bring my fold-out chair and a good book.  The camera, of course, is there, too.  Last night, it was just the chair and camera as evening settled in, the cormorants relaxing, the egrets looking for just the right spot.   That second photo?  Stormy weather was predicted.  It didn’t materialize, but the clouds were pretty cool.  I don’t usually post clouds, but these were mighty nice.

3 thoughts on “Yep … Back to the Rookery

  1. Shirley Davis

    These are wonderful! Having trouble using the heavy laptop the last couple of day, so I couldn’t view on a large screen until tonight. These are fantastic. The one of the birds is wonderful. My sarcasm can not resist my next statement. I was thinking about asking for one for my house for free.No? Well, shucks! JOKING! Joking! My SARCASM can never resist! You would be amazed at the folks who want me to do free weddings, etc! I don’t think so!!! THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT!!


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