Pumpkins Are Here!

Two Georgetown churches, First United Methodist Church and San Gabriel Presbyterian Church, have their fundraising pumpkin patches ready to go for this year’s Halloween season.   Both churches got their pumpkins from farms on the Navajo reservation in Northern New Mexico.   San Gabriel got 2300 of the oval delights this year, while First United is going all out.  Today, they unpacked almost 3000 pumpkins, but are getting another shipment of 1500 in just two weeks.   They don’t plan to run low!   FYI, the last five photos are from San Gabriel Presbyterian.  

2 thoughts on “Pumpkins Are Here!

  1. Shirley Davis

    Wow! The happy faces, even most of the ones working the hardest. These put a smile on my face! Loved the colors and the motion and texture of the falling pieces of straw. Thanks!


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